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Industrial BrushesIndustrial Brushes

We recommend brushes from BRM:

Superior wire: The quality of wire is the largest factor governing the life and performance of any brush. All our Cup, End and Radial brushes use American-made, oil-tempered, high carbon steel wire. It is superior to hardware-type brushes and is equal to or better than wire used in other industrial-type brushes.

High density: Our brushes have more wires set more tightly together than other brushes. They present more wire points to the work giving faster cleaning and longer life than brushes with a lower density of wire.
Excellent balance: Brushes are made with a special process that distributes wire evenly for better balance. Each brush is tested for balance and rejected if it doesn’t meet high standards. The payoff is brushes that run smooth and don’t lose wire from vibration.

Extensive testing: Samples of each power brush are tested at very high speeds. To pass, a brush must not lose wires or deform in any way. This strict testing assures safety and promotes longer brush life.

BRM 2015 Product Catalogue
(PDF, 4.89MB)

Nampower Resource Guide
(PDF, 1.40MB)

Nampower Lightweight Holders
(PDF, 392KB)

Flexhone Nampower
Small Diameter Discs
(PDF, 881KB)

Flexhone Mini Brush Kit
(PDF, 151KB)

Flexhone Nampower
Small Diameter Discs
(PDF, 886KB)

Flexhones Diesel Brushes
(PDF, 513KB)

Nylon Abrasive Material Brushing Tools
(PDF, 707KB)

Parts Wash Brushes
(PDF, 372KB)

Innovators In Brush Technology
(PDF, 313KB)

Miniature Deburring Brushes
(PDF, 745KB)

Industrial Brushes
(PDF, 380KB)


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