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Flex-Hone Cylinder Honing Tools

The Flex-Hone (also known as the cylinder ball hone) is a cylinder honing tool that produces a controlled surface condition unobtainable by any other method. It's perfect for finishing, deburring and edge-bending and is available in a wide variety of sizes, abrasives and grits.

A resilient, flexible, cylinder honing tool with a soft cutting action. The abrasive (points) globules each have independent suspension that assures the Flex-Hone to be self-centering, self aligning to the bore, and self-compensating for wear.

Flex Hone

Ideal For Any Type And Size Of Cylinder

The Flex-Hone offers a range of benefits for cylinder finishing:

  • Lower oil consumption by producing an oil-holding cross-hatch pattern
  • Less blow-by
  • Less friction
  • Improved surface sealing with a surface plateau of over 60%

Why use the Flex-Hone?

Surface Finishing
The Flex-Hone Tool is available in a variety of abrasive types and grit selections to provide the optimum surface finish on any base material. Using the Flex-Hone Tool for surface finishing allows the sizing tools to do their jobs quickly and accurately without fighting surface finish. The Flex-Hone is also used in adhesive bonding applications where a rougher surface is desired for bonding integrity.

Deburring of cross drilled holes is an expensive, time consuming operation. The Flex-Hone Tool can be used to remove burrs from cross drilled holes leaving a clean, radiused intersection. Because of its unique construction, the Flex-Hone can be used online in machine tool applications or offline as a secondary operation.

Flex Hone

Plateau Finishing
Brush Research, the manufacturers of the Flex-Hone, pioneered the concept of a plateau finish and is a strong proponent of the benefits of a cross hatch, plateaued finish. The concept involves using flex hones to remove the peaks produced by prior machining operations to create a substantially flat or plateau finish. A plateau finish created by the elimination of peaks allows rings and seals to seat without damaging their edges. The cross hatch pattern will aid in lubrication control and retention, reduce seepage in hydraulic and pneumatic applications and promote longer seal life.

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